Residence 9 Timber Alternative French Doors

The start of this Project centered around whether the client wanted timber or PVCU replacement, where the only knowledge was the looks and not so much the performance.

The Client just wanted to replace timber with new timber, which is entirely logical. Once Residence 9 came into the discussion, then things began to change. The considerations centred on the real issues such as, appearance, cost and performance.

It was easy to prove that the Residence 9 had the timber appearance due to its 100mm (9 chambers) profile, the foil going through the reveals and the mechanical joints. Cost was another easy bridge to cross – the timber requirement was expensive and the Residence 9 came in at under the timber cost.

This left performance – would Residence 9 require repainting or staining? Would Residence 9 be subject to rotting? Was the thermal performance equal or better. The answers were all positive and so the Residence 9 installation went ahead and is a great success.

Pictured here is the Residence 9 French Door where in spite of its ‘bulky’ sounding credentials, it makes up into a door with remarkably slim sight lines, but with all the advantages left intact.