Wooden Alternative Windows

The ideal replacement for Original Wooden Windows

Are you looking for the look and feel of natural wooden windows, whilst utilising all the advantages of modern, cutting edge technology? Then you should take “Choices” Wooden Alternative Windows into consideration. With period or traditional appearance and minimum maintenance, it simply doesn’t get much better.




Just Like Natural Timber

Designed and manufactured specifically with wooden windows in mind, the stunning resemblance to painted wooden windows is so good they have to be seen to be believed. On top of that, the exceptional thermal efficiency of “Choices” Wooden Alternative Windows guarantee you will be comfortable in style.

“Choices” Wooden Alternative Windows are available in a vast array of colours and woodgrain effects that have an uncanny appearance to natural wood, further enhancing their likeness to wooden windows.


Minimum Upkeep

“Choices” Wooden Alternative Window range do not require laborious maintenance unlike their natural wood counterparts. They only need an occasional clean with soapy water to keep them in great condition, allowing the period style elegance to shine through.

avoid-this Avoid regular maintenance, rotting timber and painting programs


Conservation Area Friendly

The authenticity and appearance of “Choices” Wooden Replacement Windows mean they are readily accepted in conservation areas and indeed any property that may be restricted by building regulations. However they are also ideal for those who are looking for a high quality wooden alternative.


Features and Benefits

  • A vast range of traditional colours and painted wood effect finishes
  • The wood grain effect is sustained throughout the frame
  • Accommodate both Double and Triple Glazing
  • Windows can be tailored to suit your exact requirements
  • Minimum upkeep, more secure and more energy efficient than natural wood
  • Long lasting, robust and easy to clean
  • Ideal for use in Conservation Areas & Period or Listed Buildings


No Rotting • No Painting • No Staining