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Choices have a vast network of Window and Doors Installers throughout the UK
Choices have a vast network of Window and Doors Installers throughout the UK

‘Alternative to Timber’ Windows from the ‘Choices’ brand

wooden alternative windows

The ‘Choices’ range of ‘Alternative to Timber’ windows are available in a range of styles, colours and finishes that look just like natural Wood

If you want the appearance of natural wooden windows, with all the advantages of modern state of the art technology, the ‘Choices’ “Alternative to Timber Collection” is the range to consider. They will not rot, do not require painting or staining and with minimal maintenance, will last a lifetime.

Bespoke quality wooden windows can be expensive and require regular up-keep with sanding, painting and staining. “The Alternative to Timber Collection” replicates traditional window styles and has been designed with planners and conservation areas in mind.

As standard they are extremely energy efficient, providing easy to maintain benefits without compromising on quality or appearance.

Choices ‘Alternative to Timber’ Window Collection

Residence 9 Windows


‘Choices’ Flush 100 Windows are an ideal Alternative to Timber, designed specifically to replicate 19th century timber windows. With a conservation friendly design, they are suitable for period and modern style properties.

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Residence 2 Windows

Residence 2 Timber Alternative windows

‘Choices’ Residence2 Windows are the architectural highlight of the Alternative Collection, with clean lines and this square 100mm profile has superb performance.

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Flush 75 Windows


‘Choices’ Flush 75 Windows offer the same great external finish as our ‘Flush 100’, but have been designed with a flush finish internally. This is ideal for replacing modern 70mm window systems.

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Kommerling Flush 70 Windows


‘Choices’ Flush 70 windows from the ‘Alternative to Timber’ range are expertly designed to look just like traditional timber windows but have none of the laborious upkeep associated with a traditional wooden window.

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Legacy Traditional Casements


‘Choices’ Legacy traditional ‘Alternative to Timber’ windows are new concept designed to replicate traditional wooden windows. With arissed joints and sculptured putty line detailing they look great in any situation.

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Imagine Sliding Sash Windows


‘Choices’ Imagine Vertical Sliding Sash Windows combine the appearance of traditional wooden sash windows with the benefits of modern PVCU materials. With slim sightlines and smooth operation they add character to any property.

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Choices Energy Savings Calculator

Do you want to know how much energy you can save by swapping to Choices Brand Windows?

With the ever increasing cost of fuel bills on everyone's minds, do yourself a favour and see how much energy you could save by swapping your tired old windows to our Energy Effcient 'Choices' brand windows. Not only will you likely save money but you will also be doing your bit to help the environment.

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