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Overhead Concealed Trickle Vent Cover

The aesthetic method of fitting trickle vents to heads of frames

Suitable for any CWG uPVC or Aluminium product for either ‘new build’ or ‘replacement’ installation.

Trickle Vents fitted into head of frame and concealed behind overhead drip cover

Trickle Vents are unsightly and spoil the look of newly fitted windows.
CWG has the solution to this, by using the Overhead Concealed Trickle Vent Cover which not only hides the trickle vent, but also acts as a head drip.
Suitable for fitting to any CWG PCVU or Aluminium product in either ‘replacement’ or ‘new build’ situations to ensure that your Window is as visually stunning
as it is practical.

External picture of a Flush 70 window with Zero sighltine mullion

Colour Matched

A Visible Overhead Trickle Vent
A Concealed Overhead Trickle Vent


External picture of a window with a Concealed Trickle Vent Cover



Internal shot of a window with a Concealed Trickle Vent Cover


Avoid unsightly Trickle Vents ruining your Windows

A Visible Overhead Trickle Vent
A Visible Overhead Trickle Vent


Colour Options


Choices White Colour Swatch


Choices Cream Colour Swatch

Painswick Grey

Choices Panswick Grey Colour Swatch

Chartwell Green

Choices Chartwell Green Colour Swatch

Anthracite Grey

Choices Anthracite Grey Colour Swatch


Choices Black Colour Swatch

Click swatch to view gallery

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